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Client Case Study

BASF Information Management

Data Analysis

Understanding the constituent makeup of any marketplace is a key foundation to any strategy marketing initiative.

BASF IT Services (BIS), the IT services division of the giant chemical group enlisted the services of Anderson Baillie Information Management to design and develop a market database across its European territories.

The requirement was to support BIS’s launch into the Process Sector space offering specialist system integration services.

The starting point for ABM was to complete a data research audit exercise to investigate the most suitable sources and access rights to existing 3rd party data.

This exercise was conducted across each territory. Once completed and data services contracts agreed with the various data owners, data duplication and mapping work was conducted to populate contacts against BIS selection criteria.

This exercise whilst time consuming ensured that the relevant contacts could be selectable in line with BIS sales and marketing model, which demanded selections by sector, by region, by business function and be operational responsibility.

Once the data was mapped into the BIS categorisation further data analysis should to expose all potential gaps in the data fields.

As part of any ongoing maintenance programme, data research continued to add the missing data.

Campaign Management

To support a planned programme of marketing communications and lead generation exercises data sets were called off by size, sector, geography and function.

Each campaign was launched within Anderson Baillie’s Campaign Management system “Tracker” which logged programme objectives and indexes through to campaign tracking and final campaign analysis and reporting in doing so BIS were able to monitor progress and success at every stage of the campaign lifecycle.

In support of effective campaign analysis, all response and touch points with the customer or prospect were linked back to the ‘Tracker’ system. This included intelligence emanating from the telemarketing account profiling work, which was an important part of the process.

This was achieved by the development of a screen interface direct into the Tracker management system.

Managing the data Application

In developing the bespoke system for BIS the opportunity emerged to provide via the web interfaces, direct access to the hosted application.

Initially access was requested for European marketing personal but soon key sales personnel were grated access, as the tool had become an essential access point to customer and prospect information.

The system has matured and has continued to be enhanced as a managed application by ABM.

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